Bloody Doping Control


Today I would like to share an interesting story with you. It is quite amusing and disappointing at the same time.

One letter attracted my attention among the documents recently leaked by Fancy Bears on their website. It shows the incompetence and even negligence on the part of doping control staff under IAAF.

Here is the letter.


The main issue the athlete faced (we’ll leave out his name on grounds of respect) was that he had to endure a tormenting procedure of a blood test. During the process he fainted because of excessive bleeding and even had to miss an entire day of training as a result of feeling seek after lasting tortures in the lab.

At first, the story might seem absurd and funny as if it was a mockery of a horror film with blood splatter all over the place. But if we return to the hard reality, it seems worrying that low qualification of medical personnel can seriously influence sport results of athletes.

Our hero is partly lucky as he lost just one day of training during out of competition period. But a similar incident could have happened on the eve of an important international competition.

This story is just a drop in the bucket that goes public. So many similar stories are still untold. A lot of athletes are often stressed out during doping tests and then they even try to escape the new ones having in mind their previous bad experience. We definitely must fight for clean sport but in a quite different way without endangering the health of athletes.

At the moment IAAF have to set all its doping control bodies in order. All doping test procedures should be properly organized and meet the highest standards. The fight against doping should be highly-qualified instead of turning into another obstacle in athlete’s career.


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