Mark Hunt savages UFC, drug cheats


Mark Hunt was filthy when Brock Lesnar — the man who beat him at UFC 200 in July last year — was later found guilty of doping. The bout was declared a no-contest, Lesnar copped a $US250,000 fine and USADA banned him from competing for one year.

Hunt was furious someone convicted of cheating wasn’t rubbed out of the sport entirely (although Lesnar retired from MMA this month). The 42-year-old was also livid he wasn’t compensated at all and launched legal action against the fight promotion to the tune of $2.5 million.

Seven months on and the rage still burns within the Australian-based heavyweight. He’s still so mad that it’s basically impossible to talk to him about anything else.

Hunt fights Alistair Overeem at UFC 209 on Sunday (AEDT), a man who was convicted of having elevated testosterone levels in a drug test prior to UFC 146 in 2012. He served a nine-month ban for his infringement.

Hunt trusts nobody these days, and he certainly has no respect for Overeem based on his extraordinary outburst against the UFC and drug cheats in the sport. Should there be any recurrence of what happened at UFC 200, Hunt will have no hesitation in suing Overeem personally.

“I was forced to do this fight because even if he’s cheating I’m still going sue him,” Hunt told “If he gets pinged for cheating after this fight, I’m suing his black a***, just like I’m suing that f***ing white monkey Brock Lesnar.

“It p***es me off that I have to compete with this guy. He’s cast as one of the best strikers in the world, he’s nothing but a filthy cheat, that’s all he’ll ever be. All those titles he’s ever won is because he’s stuck needles in his a*** and cheated. He’s a cheat and a coward just like Brock Lesnar.

“I don’t give a s*** about him, he’s just a piece of s***, a cheater. To me he does not matter, he’s just a dirty cheat. He’s cheated his way to get here. He’s not good at anything, he’s just another one of those cowards who’s scared to fight clean.

“I need to send a message out to all that are watching this sport and say you’re not allowed to f***ing cheat, we need to do something about these scumbags in our sport. There’s no legitimacy, it’s just f***ed.”

Hunt has little interest in the fight game outside his own bouts. He says he doesn’t watch any fights when he’s not involved, and couldn’t care less about Derrick Lewis calling him out after his recent win over Travis Browne at the UFC Fight Night in Halifax.

Hunt’s just focused on a crusade to rid the sport of anyone who thinks they’re above the law.

“The only thing that interests me is getting rid of these cheaters. The only thing I’m interested in is letting people know who these cheaters are and getting them the f*** out of there. That’s all that’s important right now. I don’t give a s*** about Derrick Lewis or anyone else because they don’t matter, all that matters is a fair playing field and getting rid of f***ing scummy cheats,” Hunt said.

“I don’t care about any other fighter … I’m not interested in it because of all these f***ing cheaters, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s just who’s the best cheater, it’s who can fly under the radar and cheat. That’s who the winner is.

“The only thoughts I have about Alistair Overeem and every other cheater is they’re worthless, cheating cowards. That’s all they are, that’s all they’ll ever be to me. They’re cowards and they ruin people’s lives. They’re taking away the legitimacy of this sport.

“We need to let everyone know about these guys, put them up and say, ‘This guy’s a cheater, he doesn’t deserve anything, get the f*** out of here’. Get rid of them, put some f***ing legitimacy and honour back in this sport.”

After his fight against Lesnar, Hunt demanded a clause be put into his contract stipulating if any future opponents were found guilty of doping, he would get their purse. He claims he missed out on several fights — and the opportunity to make millions of dollars — because the UFC was unwilling to budge.

Hunt says the UFC is just as much to blame for what he believes is the sport’s most crippling problem.

“There’s no relationship (between me and UFC president Dana White). They don’t give a s*** about me, I’m just an employee. If they did (care) at the end of the day they’d punish these cheaters,” Hunt said.

“It (Lesnar’s punishment) was rubbish. He made about $20 million and then they took it (his $250,000 fine) from the money he made. He should be taking money out of his own f***ing pocket. If I had lost my life in that fight, would that punishment suffice? Would a year ban and $250,000 be enough for my life? No, it’s not enough,” Hunt said.

“Is it just a matter of time until someone dies? Are we going to let someone die before we let these cheaters know it’s not OK? These cheaters are getting away with it.

“Dana doesn’t give a s*** about me or any other fighter. None of these guys do. At the end of the day I’m just another number, when my time is up I’m going to be out the door.”


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